If you have a stopped paper load, we have what it takes to get it moving again.  From specialized clamps to clean portable docks, your paper will be handled with care and secured for safe, error-free transit.


For all steel products, whether we are working with ingots, coils, I-beam, plate, structural shapes, tubing or scrap, we have the equipment available and can mobilize for on-site assistance.  We also carry clams, grapples, large and small forklifts and a C-hook.

Adjustment and re-securement of steel coils.

We can easily relocate coils to ensure that the load is even and safe for transit.


Auto adjustments are handled with care, including proper chock placement. 

Each car receives careful before and after  inspection so that all affected areas are addressed.

grains & flowables

Products such as lime, rock, sand, fertilizer and pelletized feed can be moved with conveyor and auger systems for one car or on a long-term basis.  For open-top transfers where belts and augers cannot be used, knuckle booms with clams can transfer from overhead.

Leaks and spills are a common issue when dealing with flowables.  We'll have the car re-secured and the product where it belongs - in transit.

Flowables can easily be evened out across compartments for safer transport. Salvageable spilled product is carefully relocated back into the railcar.